8 Down Saharanpur Passenger Review

Bella’s rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Written by Saurabh Kumar this is a pretty good book of short stories of 7 stories. My favourite among the seven is the third story – ‘ Parchayian aur Khamoshi’ (shadows and silence) and the sixth story – ‘ Shappit’ (cursed).

The fifth story Youdhya(warrior) reminded me of a glimpse of the Ramayana when Hanuman meets Lord Rama while on the other hand Shappit reminded me of the famous zombie movie Apocalypse. Parchayian aur Khamoshi touched my heart and was the best written out of all the seven. In this particular story every movement was so clearly defined that one can feel it being done to himself/herself. The clear description of the sounds and the looks give it a cinematic effect.

The main story the fourth in the list after which the book’s title is kept was well written in the beginning but I expected a bit more from the main story and same goes with the first one Aankh k badle aankh (eye for an eye) but what interested me the most in the first one is the use of mercury to murder someone.

Rest I’ll leave for my readers to read and find out what’s engaging in the book and what’s something that I missed but caught your attention.


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