Reminiscence – Devika Das

Poetry is when an emotion has found thought and the thought has found words.

Reminiscence by Devika Das is a collection of 25 poems published by Blue Rose Publishers.

My favourite among all of them was ‘Blind window ‘ ( pg 29).

The poems are written in a very easy language with no crisp and fancy words with any lay man being able to relate to it. I learnt it is the poet’s first attempt to writing a poetry collection and she did her job well. Her efforts are well twined with the concepts of everyday that she put into the work.

Some remarks about the book:

The first poem ‘For those at Kargil ‘ reminded me of the poem ‘The eve of Waterloo’ which I had studied in my high school way back some three years ago.

On the other hand the poem ‘ New year ‘ in page 21 seemed less like a poem and more like a new year greeting card straight from some gift shop.

‘ Animal kingdom ‘ is a poem pretty apt for a child just starting to learn about animals.

‘Oh no! Exams again ‘ is very much relatable but could have been more if it would have emphasized on the frustration one goes through during exams.

‘ Farewell ‘ is a lovely poem which makes one feel for the yesteryear’s days.

The one which actually steals the show making the reader inspired and motivated is on page 7 named “Isn’t it true”.

The rest I’ll leave to my dear followers to read and decide which poem they like the best. Do let me know and let us wish the author Congratulations for her first poetry work and All the best for her future.


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