I lost my Soul- Ved Nishad

The first observation which struck me straight was the permutation of the name of the author (VED) and the name of the protagonist of the book (DEV). It seems as if it’s more of a unnamed autobiography rather than a fictional romance.

Throughout my reading I felt pity for the protagonist; something always seems looming around his life. The smallest intricate details have been tried to do justice with- from circles around Nalban to the erotically kissing couple at Times Square.

The two contrasting girls ( Bidisha and Anindini) have emerged themselves but with a lot of effort by the story line. The narrative asserts typical Bengali time and again referring to the heroine’s (both) characters and appearances but seemed to fail to satisfy me because me a Bengali I’ve different standards for a Bengali girl other than the ones mentioned in the story.

Without any tone of sarcasm I would like to assert that this story can be a really good Bollywood movie.

At certain places there were grammatical errors I couldn’t figure out whether it was an actual error or a printing mistake but certainly they were so few in number one can easily overlook.

Lastly a nice light read with plenty of efforts put by the author.

Would love to read his next book and wishing him all the best.


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