Kavya Amritawali

When was the last time you read a Hindi poem collection?

Well I read when I was in my high school. Three years past that and today I read Kavya Amritawali by Gulab Chand Sharma and it turned out to be amazing.

The central tone of the 42 poems collection is feminist and motivational with a quintessential essence of correctional ideas one needs to implement in our society.

My favorite poem among all of them was poem number 37 Garibi ki koi jati nahin hoti and the first poem Birhan ki khoj is a masterpiece among the 42. I expected a little from shiksha ka star where a teacher was compared to an uncouth politician but I didn’t figure out why was it so!

The poem Guru ka mahatv and Hay Ram were really philosophical and one would have to ponder as to who is Raavn today in the Kalyug.

Rest I leave my friends to read and discover and find out which is their favorite poem in this collection. All the best to the poet.


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