Book Name:Saroja

Author: Omi Singh

Number of pages:122

Publishing House: Invincible Publishers and Marketers

Genre: Fiction

Price: ₹180


We traverse through the book into the life of a Hindu Brahmin girl Saroja from an Indian middle class family.

The book is divided into three parts:

Part I

She is from a small town of Barabanki and is the youngest daughter of Pandit Mishra and his wife Leela. In their attempt to have a son in their third time after their two kids Kailash, then a son of four years and a daughter Kanchan of two back then, they welcome Saroja in this world. Initially not everyone except their siblings and mother seemed satisfied and glad about her arrival but bone as time flew Saroja became everyone’s beloved Gudiya (doll in hindi).

Her father gradually got promoted from a hindi teacher to the principal of Barabanki branch of Pt. Dina Nath Malviya Hindi School and the family had to shift from Varanasi to Barabanki. They were given accomodation by the school and lived beside the Singh’s. Thakur Ramesh Singh( their neighbour and vice principal of the school) and his wife Mamta had a son Brijesh back then of two years.

Time flew and Brijesh and Saroja grew up together from school to college. When in college it was customary from both of them to go to Kintoor all the way and enjoy the Parijat tree and it’s presence.

It was one such day and a special one because it was Brijesh’s birthday when while returning he kisses Saroja to which she gets enraged and distances herself from him.

Later consequently she falls for Kabir Prajapati a Potter by profession with no such educational qualifications and from a lower caste. They make love and Saroja gets pregnant and elope with her lover. They stay in Bareilley and he opens a furniture shop( Name: Saroja Furniture) for his wife and new born daughter Ria.

Back at home nobody could believe Saroja ran away and everyone was pretty sad and helpless except Brijesh ( the readers have to find out why).

After several days passed by the family made an attempt to go to Agra but unfortunately they couldn’t make it and Kabir died in the accident.

Part II

She joins a publishing house in Delhi to support herself and Ria. Amitav Sanyal was the CEO and Kabir Mustafa its chief editor. She diligently works hard and achieves great success.

(The middle portion I leave the readers to find out)

Later after Amitav’s marriage to Saroja Mustafa feels hurt as it seems and leaves for no where only to be seen years later at Goa Literary Festival. In the last day Saroja gets semi molested by Mustafa under the tricky influence of her husband and she leaves.


Part III

Saroja forms a bond with Zubin Saxena who gifts a book entitled on her name on her birthday with the first page written- “With love, yours Zubin.”

Rest I’ll leave to the readers to find out what all interesting aspects I’ve skipped by reading the book.



If I had more stars in hand I would have surely given to this book. After a really long time I came across a book which is unputdownable (if the word exists).

This book reminded me of my favourite Hindi Novel by Premchand- Nirmala. For me Saroja is a modern day Nirmala who unlike the latter does not die in the end put continues to live with a ray of hope. She breaks down when things her not in her favour but she doesn’t sit and sob. She gets up putting a strong front and keeps on fighting till the end. Her journey from Saroja Mishra, Saroja Parjapati, Saroja Sanyal to only Saroja (with no future of Saroja Saxena) fills one with inspiration and respect for the protagonist.

Apart from these we see how caste system still plays a major role in our society and how two people no matter how much in love they’re or how happy they’re can have several problems to deal with if they do not belong to the same caste. We come across male ego hurt especially when a man is tending to be diagnosed with infertility. Though science has developed so much and we proclaim ourselves to be advanced we see that till date whenever it comes to sex or child birth the taboo of the female being (I abstain from using the word weaker sex) responsible still looms.

Out of everything that happens in the book my favourite parts are those when the family and siblings stay beside her from a mosquito bite to her major losses of death, betrayal and ordeals.

I personally loved the book and would recommend everyone to give a read. The language is very simple with no unnecessary fancy ornamentation making the story very much relatable.

All the best to the author and congratulations for this beautiful piece of art

Now my dear friends you all have to read the book to find out about why the tree has such a beautiful tree in its cover – is it just for a pretty look or does it hold any significance?


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