Two Day Down

Book name: Two day down

Author: Dr. Nikita Lalwani

Number of pages: 192

Publishing House: Redgrab books & Anybook

Genre: Fiction with feminist notions


The book has five stories with each ending in freedom.

First story

My story of stain: Naisha the protagonist looses her husband Elton whom she had married against the wishes of her Punjabi family. Later her mother, mother in law Hope and others find her ways to see other attractive men to settle her rest of the Life with but Naisha finds something different. She finds herself a lesbian and falls in love with her student’s aunt Sahana. Fate has its way and the latter meets with a terrible accident. One has to read this beautiful story to find out whether in the atrocious clutches of society they could find love for themselves.

Second story

My Story of PMsing

Heena a twenty seven year old girl struggling in the Television industry is looking for someone to settle with. She has a friend Shimoli who charmed men without any efforts. This somehow played a major role in putting her into depression alongwith her job where none acknowledged her efforts. At one point of time she feels that she cannot even feel pleasure while having sex and consults a gynaecologist. One has to read and find out whether she overcomes the numbness herself or with medication or was it at all a disease that she thought she was affected with.

Third story

My story of making Love

Who would ever think that a talented, beautiful and gorgeous girl like Aashima could have a cheating husband? In this story we come across the plight of a thirty eight year old woman who is a victim of Marital rape and is consistently under the impression of her trying to satisfy her husband. Is it the duty only of the wife to keep her husband attracted and carry on with the marriage? Does the so called stronger sex have nothing to contribute in a marriage?

Fourth story

My story of belief

Meera looses her love and husband Samar because of the latter’s sex addiction which was not her fault at all. She keeps on trying till his last breath to cure him of his ailment but all what she got in return was that on the day when he was being burnt she was asked to step aside as she was having periods. Isn’t it strange that the woman who stood by all thick and thin through Samar’s plight was debarred from lighting his pyre just because of a natural monthly phenomenon called Periods? Why do we follow this taboo and support it till date?

Fifth story

My story of pain

A beautifully crafted story of Haifa; tied between ethical cultural values which were too stringent to be followed and between her desires of loving herself through pole dance she enroutes herself to freedom with grace.



The last time I questioned “Why?” was when I saw Lipstick under my Burkha and then today when I finished reading this book. Each and every character was so relatable that I couldn’t help but smile with a grin. An unputdownable book with realistic content and relatable thoughts. I recommend everyone to read this book and ponder as to how just are we to ourselves, our figure, our orgasm, our pleasures and our rights?

All the best to the author and congratulations for her work.


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