From Ashes to Dreams



Naina the protagonist is standing at crossroads of her life when she recognises herself as a doomed orphan with her foster mother dead, her so called siblings from the orphanage leaving and the love of her life going back to his wife. She suffers a terrible nervous breakdown and decides to end her life but fails in the attempt and is thereafter regained back to health and senses by all the people she thought she was losing and two wonderful doctors Dr. Chandra and Dr. Anurag alongwith the cheerfully efficient nurse Ranjitha and her physically handicapped but mentally abled son Vishal.

This book is an inspirational fictional memoir of a girl. It’s well written with a few typos scattered here and there for example at a scene when the counselling session is being done in the evening the doctor greets the protagonist by saying Good morning. At one point of time I felt terribly low and bad for Naina and wanted to throw the book away but somehow the next scene would come with a little ray of hope. The beginning has been dragged a lot to the climax where Naina tries to commit suicide. The climax is gripping and then again the rest has been dragged.

Nevertheless it’s quite a motivational book and reminds me of the movie Hemlock Society. Not bad for a one time read.


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