“i sit by myself i look at what’s left of the once blazing sun ashes, dust and broken heart strewn across the floor”


#qotd: Which is your favorite poetry book and why?

Review: Writing poetry is a pretty tough job and I appreciate that the author has taken so much pain to write a blooming verse. The book is of 107 pages with 83 poems divided into 7 chapters:

1. attraction

2. loving

3. breaking and pining

4. longing

5. awakening

6. waiting

7. the awakened Union

My favorite part being breaking and pinning. From the Attraction part I loved the poem “where do we go from here”; Next I liked “toothbrush” as it made me realize that how wonderfully mundane things can make us long for our loved ones, “Full moon in a cold desert” is ethereal and the surreal beauty of the scenario just passes through your veins when you read the poem (with an Arabian Nights background and a mirage of Oasis in view); “11.11 again” brings one back to our 2018 when smartphones with virtual images and not mirages are of much concern and control. In this poem we see how a little changing virtual gesture of our loved ones can affect our lives dramatically.
And lastly ”
Welcome home” in a word is bliss.

These were my some observations throughout the book and I’m really eager for the second one. I appreciate the poet’s imagination and wish him all the best for his next works. With no unnecessary ornamentation this book can also serve as a guide for people who want to try a hand at poetry besides being a really good read in itself too.


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