Behind the scenes

#qotd: Which recent murder mystery did you read which was un-putdownable?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌠/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Vikram Rana is an honest, handsome and extremely intelligent detective who drops out of police service aspiring to be his own master at workplace. He meets Veena, a Bengali girl at his friend’s wedding and falls for her, later getting married to her and settling with her at Hyderabad along with their daughter Kamala.

Being of respectable intellect he’s admired by all and is scared of none except his wife. He plans to celebrate his wife’s birthday in privacy at Darjeeling and later come back to their house (Veena’s parents home) at Kolkata live with them for a few days and then pick up Kamala and fly back home to Hyderabad.

At Darjeeling Veena meets his childhood friend Sheila Dhar’s mother Jaya, from whom she learns that they are having a shoot of their latest film at Darjeeling itself and invites Vikram and Veena to see the shoot next day. The next day is the fated death when the movie star Ryan (fiance of Sheila ) is murdered. The book involves how the murder which is an open and closed case ( as it seems) directly points to Jaya and Sheila being the murderers takes a twist at the second last chapter when it’s discovered that Ryan’s wife Sophia whom everyone thought was dead was very much alive in the guise of her twin sister Olivia and it was she who had plotted three murders: one of her sister Olivia for having an affair with her husband; one of the screenplay writer Allan and the third was of course Sophia herself. She successfully kills them with the help of her maid Kashmira from Kashmir who had an elaborate knowledge of herbs and ayurveda inherited from her father.

The book is splendidly written and one can fall in love with Vikram Rana’s character just by the mere picturesque description given in the book. The small details about the cities of Hyderabad, Darjeeling and Kolkata will leave you in awe. The characters are portrayed really well and I was reading I could see a film in front of my eyes as I flip through the pages. The epilogue is love and it’s the major point of unearthing the twist that has been knitted so well. A must read.


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