Chasing Wheels

#qotd : Which is your favorite car and why?

Well mine is Aston Martin coz I love James Bond and hope to make it big someday just like him.

Now coming to the book, this book Chasing wheels by Chaman Srivastava is about a Bihari boy from Patna who comes to study and work at Pune hoping to buy an Audi A4 someday. The story revolves around how he sees the Le Meridien hotel in Pune and then his eyes shift to the Honda City standing in front of his college and then due to circumstantial necessity he has to buy a 16 year old white two wheeler and then and Alto and finally an Audi A4. throughout the book his journey is pretty tough as he hails from a not so well of family and gradually had to leave his studies after his 2nd Grade and then appear as a private student for his matriculation exams as well as Higher Secondary exams.

The story also speaks of how his father who worked in a tiny Bank suffered from a massive heart disease, how all their resources were drained and how he had immensely work hard and got 56% in his class 10. having always the words for speaking English Rishi Sinha, our protagonist joins an English medium CBSE school and tries level best to conquer the subject and have better prospects in life. Coming to Pune he befriends two guys DJ and Joshua who helped him immensely in studies as well as his accommodation fooding and lodging. As he was freelancing in his first semester when the exams nearby he had to work immensely to secure a rank amongst the top 10. Buy this time he had met the love of his life to called Rhea who had an immense influence on him and in the upcoming chapters we see how she plays a major pivotal role in shaping his career as he shifts from one job to another two suffice himself as well as Rhea’s needs and his family too. Destiny has its way when after graduation Rishi has to work to support his family and Riya is sent to Varanasi to complete her masters of Business Administration later joins a bank in Delhi where she had done her internship during the course. Being forced by her parents she decides to break up with Rishi and move on with her family’s wishes and marry somebody of their status which leads the latter disheartened unbroken. Rishi does not stop and he passes his degree from Symbiosis College of Business Administration and joins a company which is well off and gradually we see how he loses his father who had never had a ride on his Alto save his Audi A4 that he buys at the end of the book and how he never gets to tell his love of his life that he bought the Audi that he always wanted to and that’s the end of the story.

The story seems pretty inspirational but due to excess emphasising on some points the book became lengthy and at times monotonous. The writing is very plane and no unnecessary flowery ornamentation has been done to make the writing style difficult for readers to comprehend. The story tells us that it does not matter from which social standing do you come all it matters is that what dream do you have and how hard are you willing to work to make it come alive in your this life span.

Some things which I found peculiar in the book we’re there were plenty of grammatical mistakes along with logical ones for example the elder brother in the story in the first some chapters becomes the younger brother in the last chapter, the first few chapters had nothing to do with cards or wheels or any vehicle or automobile. It just stressed on Rishi’s freelance college life and teenage energy which he was misusing. The last story entwined in the book also wasn’t as romantic as I expected and seemed more out of Pity and lack of company than love. Why was the protagonist running after costly vehicles out of his reach, why the protagonist was at all interested in buying an Audi A4 and not a Mercedes and there were several questions in my mind that were unanswered throughout the book and I really expect somebody to answer them for me. What impact did a car have in his life, who inspired him to buy a car, and what was so special about the Audi A4 and Audi TT that led him to work extra hours to pay his loan and Be Well off with the car. These were some more questions that were unanswered.

Overall the book is very simple to understand even for a man who is not very compatible with English. I would recommend it to everyone so that they can give a light read to this book and be inspired at times.

Rating: ⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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