20 Diamond💎 rules for ultimate well being

Well well well I am not at all a fan of nonfiction especially self help books I find them irritating and monotonous as a somebody is giving me the same intellectual Gyan that my parents give me everyday. but this book 20 Diamond rules for ultimate well being by Ashraf Haggag is very much different and can be entitled to a really different level.


Divided into 20 chapters are rules apart from the introduction this book focuses on the four aspects of Living that is mind body spirit and soul.

From chasing material things to power of giving, from exercise to nutrition, from getting surrounded by Happy People to making your life a better one to communicating in a better way this book has in it it all.
Each chapter starts with the pros and cons of the problem of the topic we are dealing with and ends with solutions and prospective quotations which are quite relatable.
“The wise man does not lay up his own
treasures. The more he gives to others, the
more he has for his own”- this quotation from chapter 20 which stresses on the power of giving has touched me the most.
“God is teaching us through the Scriptures about the
tremendous power of giving, In both the Old and
New Testaments, we can see the results of
generous giving, and we are taught to give
generously and with the right motivation.
The world will always come up with reasons why
we can’t give, and sometimes we may find
ourselves outside of our comfort zone when we
follow God’s lead during offering time. But the level
of our giving is an indicator of how much we trust
Him” – and this reference to Bible makes me nostalgic as I come from a convent school and takes me back to those days when Bible and the gospel was are primary self help book.
The third chapter on exercise is so adaptable that one can understand that not working out for maximum hours a day helps you but working out in a suitable manner which was its your body actually helps to develop a healthy body and mind.
Overall the book is a very good read and can be easily and enculcated in our life. I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once for a better well being.

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