Alternate state model of India

ISBN-10:6202313080EAN:9786202313087Book language: English
Blurb/Shorttext:The book is a guide to numerous facets of the Indian polity guided by the ‘elephantine’ Indian Constitution. Also ingeniously provided are diverse solutions for the problems festering in the Indian system. – The answer to the ceaseless conundrum of electoral violence in India. – An effective panacea to festering economic instability among millions of Indians. – Tackling down the medieval walls of casteism which still festers and amputates the future of the Indian youth. – The revamping of the elaborate Panchayati system for rural local governance. – The effective overhaul of the stagnant Indian higher education system, thereby reducing ‘brain drain’, dropout and even unemployment rates. All these and galore has been analysed in the ‘Alternate State Model Of India’.
Publishing house:
Scholars’ Press
By (author) : Soham Das @sohamcoeurdlion
Number of pages:56
Published on:2018-06-08
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