Happiness is all we want

#qotd : What is that one thing that makes you happy no matter what happens in Life?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The cover of the book is seen with a man holding a placard on his face where a smiling face is been drawn. With a grey background and the smiley placard the cover Shout Out Loud about the essentiality of happiness in our lives. Dissecting the book into three parts body,mind and Soul the author tries his level best to make us understand about how essential and important it is happiness in our lives. As things like reiki, Yoga, meditation are important for a mind, exercises for a body and spirituality for a soul to achieve a mental stability and inculcate happiness. Are non ending chairs for material pleasures, people’s satisfaction and peer pressure often leads to discard happiness from their lives. In the beginning of the book the author tells us to do a certain things and to abstain from certain things but at the end of the book he again asserts the same thing saying that a to do list or a not to do list will often create a bondage in us and abstain us from enjoying life to its utmost level- for me these two concepts were quite conflicting and it became difficult for me to understand that which point is he talking about at all.

The main problem that I faced while reading the book was that the printing is quite small and it being a nonfiction should have been written in a more fluid and lucid manner; anyway people abstain from reading self help and non fiction books mostly, so when you are writing one you should keep in mind that the book you’re writing has to have some fluidity in your language along with the narration which became monotonous at many points including the essence of spirituality that you have tried to inculcate in the book. It was very strange when I found certain paragraphs that were very peculiar and had no connection with the paragraphs that word succeeding or preceding them. Sometimes there is unnecessary dragging and monotonicity along with an easy and painful approach for the readers.

Despite the drawbacks of the book there are certain good points about it too. He advises some really simple methods that can help one achieve happiness like that of a child’s. He speaks of the human brain’s tendencies and fluctuates the bitter truths in an easy manner that can be fed to us in a more digestible manner.

I also loved the fact when the author give small anecdotes from lives of people that he knows personally. This small instances give the book more credibility and relatable.

A good one time read book and is advised for people who are going through depression and have no chance to stand against disappointments in life.


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