Tinkling of the Bell before it rings

#qotd : What kind of bells so you hate and which ones do you like?

Well I hated school bells and love the Christmas bells (well Christmas is just a month longer to go).

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The cover of the book is beautiful and attractive. The pink and blue touch & the rising Sun β›… makes it an ethereal spectacle amongst my other books in my book stack. It’s story of an IITian boy Jai who’s aspiring to be an IPS and Sakshi an aspiring fashion designer. The meet accidentally at a movie theatre where she had come to see Rockstar on a Sunday morning carefully enough to not bump into any of her committed friends. Jai had come to buy tickets for himself and his friend but later realises that his toad like friend wouldn’t come and he has to watch the movie with his beautiful Swan as she hadn’t got any ticket due to the rush and Housefullness of the movie theatre and later fate had decided it to be such that she has to buy the ticket from Jai itself. Without watching the movie Jai continuously watches Sakshi as her movements,eyes and scent are more appealing than the movie itself which later takes Jai to transfer the whole day. Love has it’s way and they meet after some genuine efforts put in by him to find the fashion designer Sakshi was working with. In a movement of not having work and preparing for his IPS examination decides to work with Sakshi and they go for several fashion shows including one in Europe which is pretty successful. The bells in their heart starts drinking for Each Other while working but have to take different parts as one wants to be a leading designer of the world and the other wants to be a good IPS officer.

The language of the book is pretty lucid but is written in an impressive tone not making the book boring or monotonous at any point of time. It is clear that it is a romantic novel where the characters were well explained with the knowledge of fashion playing a very huge roll with intricate details mentioned. The author has tried to implement a poetic notion throughout the book by involving a few songs which sometimes makes the base very slow especially for me. The Paris fashion walk has taken up a lot of space in the entire plot but the ending of which was very fast and not well explained. Despite the author explaining the smallest of expressions and reactions very well she was unable to explain the aspects of the the extra characters in the story for example Vicky Jai’s friend faded soon after and was never heard of again in the story, Sakshi’s mother and what relation did she have with the bell was not properly elaborated and her father too. The story seemed more like a typical Bollywood movie and it can easily be made into one and will be successful too. The first few chapters especially the first one where Sakshi and her appearances along with her choice of not watching a Rockstar movie in other places but PVR so that she does not bump into any of her committed friends is well explained but as the story and folds itself there are some loose ends which could have been tied.

Overall a light read and can be recommended to anyone who is new to reading English books and loves romantic books.


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