A Court Of Frost And Starlight

Another not so great book by Sarah J. Maas. The series as a wholehas a lot to offer but this book sole alone is not at all appealing. I chose it as an option for Prompt 7: A book black in color and also for Black book for 14 days 7 books readathon.

I had brought this book from the Amazon sale and had tried completing it with utmost difficulty when I was suddenly introduced to Storytel App. Well how many of you like audiobooks? This is my first attempt at audiobooks and Storytel is love.

Favorite people use this link to signup http://www.storytel.in/audio .

Coming back to the book the characterization is the same over the series there is no development of the people and the characters in the book, with no upflow of the story. The book also does not have any major plot to mark any changes in the series and can always be skipped if possible. With the subtle notion of hope and new promises it’s a light read with no special or specific recommendations at least from my side.


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