On the Open Road

My book for the colour white for 14 days 7 books (of different colours) readathon held by bookstagram.india.

#qotd : Which white colour book do you remember so well that you just couldn’t shut down the hangover of it?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐🌠/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book is a short read of about 200 pages brimming with hope. It’s very much relatable to youngsters of the 21st century and maybe this decade to be precise. The cover of the book has the picture of three hands one is red, one is yellow and one is black. To me the three hands represented the three protagonists of the story Myra, Kabir and Sandy. The White cover of the book to me seemed the realm of Ramy. Both Myra and Kabir want to break out of their bondages and know very well about the hardships that they are suffering from being in the IT industry, Sandy on the other hand always had his own entrepreneurship idea which nobody regarded as a success. Dreams and societal taboos play the central role in the entire book. The hurdles of a start up is explicitly explained here and also how a person working in the IT industry is transformed into an emotionless robot only functioning to submit assignments and projects the stringent period of time assigned to them. As we read through the pages and between the lines we can feel the dejection and loss of hope the characters face and feel. The book is fictional beauty with a taste of non fiction motivation. The crossroads where the characters come for example Myra as she dreams of having a start up with her colleague gets an invitation to go to the United States of America for her further work experience- now she has to choose between two :- her dreams which are very much uncertain or a certain sure shot brighter career than she has at present. We all come across such situations like this ( Two roads diverged in a wood/ And I, I chose the one that was less travelled by / And that has made all the difference- The Road not taken by Robert Frost).

It’s a very good read and a must for all those people and youngsters who want to own their own startups and do something different from what they are doing or pursuing right now.


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