My favorite of book of 2018 so far. I’ve also chosen this book for the colour Red for 14 days 7 books of different colours readathon hosted by bookstagram.india.

#qotd : what comes to your mind when you see the colour Red?

This book is just beautiful. I think the tiny 🐐 goat Poonachi is a strong representative of girls in an Indian society, as the book touches all the hypocritical, useless societal norms that should be done away with. At one point I think in chapter 9 or 10 a man says when he’s standing in the queue for goat ear piercing that one should speak low when they’re talking of the regime as it’s deaf to the problems of the people but very much aware when it comes to the latter bitching about them. It’s not a motivational or a non fiction book which is preaching something but a book which helps us notice the smallest of things that we usually abstain from taking into account.

The black tiny goat left by a humongous asura like figure on the drought stricken Odakkan hills in the hands of our beloved old man leaves a recognizable scar in my head and heart. No doubt this book was nominated by the prestigious institutions for awarding it. Hats off to the author. A must read for each and everyone.


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