Let you be my puppet once

#qotd : Who’s your favorite politician and why?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A story about four friends – Saima, Vedica , Karan and Josh. Also a story of three powerful people – Swaraj, Pratap and Rana and there useless, spoiled and goon like children – Kapil, Suraj and Zoravar. The first chapter itself gives a sense of something impending and ominous to happen. Just when the four were shaping their lives in Mumbai, back in Lucknow Saima’s sister Meghna gets savagely murdered. Being known for a really likeable nature nobody could understand why would anyone on Earth kill her. This incident shatters their life but they go back to Mumbai to continue with their lives. Saima’s father Swaraj has good connections with Pratap and Rana the cabinet minister and chief minister of UP respectively. Their sons had been in close proximity with Saima and Meghna from childhood. Later trying to move on with life they head towards Lonavala where the Ministers’ sons ask the girls to meet them up and eventually which is pretty predictable they get molested by Kapil, Suraj and newly introduced Zoravar. The police too declines their request on registering a FIR rather telling them it’s not the taxes that they get paid by but it’s the beggarly remuneration that the politicians shower on them by which they make a living. Later, the four come to know about Meghna’s whereabouts which might have had her murdered from some five to six video clips in her iCloud account. The plot takes a quick pace as the four decide to screw the system which had made their life hell by murdering one’s sister, falsifying one’s dad and throwing out of the job of Income tax , and molesting the girls , one being Josh’s beloved.

I’d really love a sequel or perhaps another book from the author. The ending wasn’t expected and I was taken aback trying to wonder what was the author thinking while writing this piece of art. The characterization of the spoiled brats and the beggarly thinking of our police fraternity along with our beloved politicians was rightly shown in the light of disgrace. To me it’s a really bold piece of fiction. Each new turn gave me goosebumps with either not me knowing what’s going to happen next nor the characters. A must read for suspense and thriller lovers.


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