Faith’s eternal Sunshine

Rating :⭐⭐⭐/🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟

Manu is a young man with a sufficient corporate sector job. Outside his office stands a food truck where he has his food everyday and this is the same truck where Manjiri works. One fine day as Manu tries to cross the road absentmindedly he’s almost hit by a moving vehicle until Manjiri catches hold of him, slapping hard on his face. Losing a mother at an extremely tender age, raped by her own father and blooming in poverty Manjiri could never tolerate the audacity with which the rich people treated their well off lives. Shortly after everyday Manu would slip thank you notes for her and thereafter they developed a really strong bond of friendship. Next we see Manu abandoning all luxuries of life and settling in Matsya island, some miles away from Baratang in the Andamans. The story revolves around how Manjiri tries to catch hold of Manu and the latter teaches her about God and faith ( Manu is strictly an atheist as according to her she wasn’t showered by beautiful things to acknowledge God in any manner). He locks her up in a small cell wherein lies a white bed sheet, a pot of water , a mouse hole, a toilet and a window of the size of a cat from where light rays would come in making the dust particles dance with the vibration. In the cell Manjiri contemplates about her past life- from the rape to Manu’s visit to her ragged home.
The language is easy and comprehensive with some quotations thrown here and there. The twist in the end leaves one in awe. Surely a very different book amongst the others in the market. There were a lot of things I couldn’t make out in one chance but I had to read between the lines. Overall a good read.

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