Tarikshir – The Awakening

I’m extremely thankful to The Book Genie program for giving me the opportunity to review such a great book.

#qotd : What do you think is more important in life – righteousness or diplomacy?

There are deep secrets other than himself (Ravana) or his powers in Lanka.

Who has been Awakened by the greedy monkey?

Why did the surreal power get enraged by someone meddling with the spoils of the war?

In the mighty state of Rajasthan (erstwhile during British India) lies a small princely state which is the last citadel of resistance for the British in India. The king of the state King Ravindra ( the ruler of Devangarh) who is overpowered by his irrational arrogance decides to fight the white men, turning a deaf ear to his Vazir who later abandons him in being humiliated. The prince Rudra becomes perplexed and eventually gives into his father’s prerogative.

On the night before the war King Ravindra is murdered and unrest follows through the entire kingdom. Rudra ascends the throne and is yet to prove himself as a perfect ruler.

The British are way too many and the Rajputs are outnumbered. The King’s death suddenly doesn’t seem to be accidental at all, the appearance of a hooded stranger and series of deaths across the regime spread panic across the kingdom. Rudra must defeat the foreign army and investigate the deaths including his father’s, in the process unearthing some dark secrets.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

History+ Mythology+ Fiction= Tarikshir

☣️ The plot is something very new that I’ve read recently.

☣️ The pace is fast not making me tired even for a moment.

☣️ For the first time in my life did I read the prologue with so much interest.

☣️ The cover is beautiful and attractive, suggestive of some impending doom.

☣️ The characterization and development of all the characters is remarkable.

☣️ The plot has a detailed description making the readers easier to understand the situation and absence of vague apertures, giving the plot a cinematographic effect.

☣️ The uncanny and twisted climax wasn’t expected and left me in awe for the imagination of the writer.

☣️ The writing style was great with no loopholes. In the end everything made sense.

It’s a devoir recommendation for everyone out there.



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