Thank you The Bookoholics for the review copy of this wonderful book.


#qotd : Which Disney Princess is your favourite ?

#aotd : Mine is Rapunzel from Tangled


Rating : ⭐⭐⭐✨/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A new book with a very new concept that is a startup of superheroes who intend to save millions of lives. Rasiq is an investment banker who is very frustrated with his work and was also frustrated with his college life despite his typical abilities of IIT & IIM. Leaving his job at the investment banking sector after two tiresome years, he forms a team of five uniquely talented people who have not done very well in the mainstream upholsterers of life.

The five unique people are:

  • Halka : An extremely strong man like Mr. Incredible
  • Nick : A crazy fun inventor like Tony Stark and also a college friend
  • Arjun : A shooting champion
  • Natasha : A Bollywood stunt woman
  • Dr. Vyom : a medical expert
  • Rasiq : The mastermind behind the startup. 🛑

The book is an action packed book which talks about a team of misfits who decide to dedicate their lives to rescue people from unforeseen and unfortunate accidents. The journey from putting the idea together, looking for prospective clients, keeping the company pact together alongwith the internal struggles seems like a metaphor for any new start up ( just like competition in the market starts to bring the company down). Will Rasiq be successful as an entrepreneur? Will the company sustain the pressures of the market and flourish?

❇️The plot is unique and I’ve never heard of this type of plot ever save the marvel or DC movies.

❇️The narration is great with the father son duo doing a great job.

❇️The small love story made it’s own space.

❇️The language is easy and easily comprehensive.

❇️Pace is moderate.


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