The Mind Game

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Thank you for the review copy Devika Das.💖


This non fiction self help books is a lot different from other monotonous self help books that we usually avoid. It’s more like a self awareness hand guide. I loved the way it’s written.
The book is divided into six sections broadly:

▶️ Steps to master and handle emotions

▶️ Analysis of people

▶️ How to live better with less ( satisfaction pro)

▶️ Go happy go lucky

▶️ Anger management

▶️ How to have a happy workplace

Covering a lot of topics on mental health and well being, this book makes us question our life patterns and one can find really easy and practical answers to trivial pursuits of life. The last part of the book on happy workplace I feel is so important that everyone nowadays needs it the most. It deals with how to understand people better and analysis of dealings at your workplace with leadership skills; thus having a better career and satisfaction with our job.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

❇️ Written in a really simple language

❇️ No long monotonous monitoring with useless empathetic philosophies

❇️ Acts like a perfect handbook

❇️ The advices are practical and rational

❇️ The cover is relatable to the topics discussed in the book

❇️ Includes the precious views of many known psychologists

❇️ Not some redundant book but a lot of research and homework has been done on it

My advice will be read the book thoroughly with a lot of time if you ever intend to read it anyway.💖


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