Unlocked Silences

Thank you The Book Genie review programme for this wonderful book on poetry.



Writing poetry is difficult and reviewing is all the more tough but this beautiful piece has made it very easy by just being it the way it is. In the 158 pages Mukhpreet Khurana has mastered the art of thought provoking.
I personally loved the cover. It had no picture or unnecessary ornamentation but a dead blunt black space which is so fulfilling on itself. Next is the title of the book – Unlocked silences; it’s something more beautiful and ethereal.

There are 117 poems divided into two parts- the first 53 poems do not fall into any specific category and the second set of poems fall under the category of – A new beginning.

☑️ Simple language

☑️ Any lay man at poetry can understand and relate

☑️ Covering different facets of life

☑️ Encouragement at every step

☑️ Women’s issues highlighted

☑️ One can dive deep into the rings of empathy, acceptance, emotion, heal and soul

☑️ The companionship that this book provides is marvelous and becomes a re-read epitome.

☑️ The author extra ordinarily connects with his readers and makes one comprehend the purpose of existence and meaning of life in itself.

☑️ The highlights of belief thrown here and there makes one motivated.

☑️ Carved into poetry the book embraces you in dedicated silence.

☑️ Poems are short and easy to read.

☑️ The poems are mostly rhyming and one or two might be blank verses.

☑️ Quick read for beginners of poetry.

Trust me you’re a living masterpiece/ All you need to do is believe” – Poem 12 – Often

They said laughter was for the broken / But so was love” – Poem 101- They said

These two were my favourite poems from all the ones scribbled in the book. I would love to read the book again and am gladly recommending it to everyone out there.


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