Love Beyond The Sparkles

#qotd : Career or love or balancing both?

Thank you for the review copy Swapna Marathe.



Swetha is an ambitious engineering student in Jayadevpura who wants to pursue MS in the United States. Their family runs a family business of chains of hotels in the village itself. Having some dispute with their uncle on the grounds of property they feel highly insecure and her family want her to stand on a feet and get a very good job so that she can support the entire family and they don’t have to run the family business anymore. Vikram on the other hand is an adventurous boy with a well of background who wants to extend his father’s business into the United States. On a trip to Jaydevpura from Mumbai Vikram meets Shweta and instantly falls for her beauty despite being around beautiful girls in his entire life he felt a strong connection to her which was love beyond the sparkles. On the same trip he discovers that Shweta has a fond of painting and wants to complete her education and get a well of job. on the third of the fourth day of the trip a mishap happens and the entire family of Shweta gets burnt out and it is evident that his uncle had some hand in the mischief. Broken and lost Shweta has no one to fall back upon her family including her father mother and brother are no more there to support her. the accounts of. When she is ready to sacrifice the entire amount of money her parents had saved for their treatment. She even decides to stay back and refrain from completing her studies. It was Vikram who held her throughout, took her to Mumbai, tendered , nurtured and helped her with the procedures along with the support of his family had sorry knew no bounds.slowly and steadily both fall for each other and Vikram cannot go of his love on the other hand sweater has more commitments to complete. She sets her love free while Vikram cannot go of his love for her. The story opens in a coffee shop three years later where Shweta’s friend Preeti meets him and takes her to the apartment where he sees numerous paintings of Vikram himself. After 3 years will their love bloom? Will Shweta accept his proposal and live happily ever after? It’s for the readers to unfold.


☑️ The cover is beautiful

☑️ Detailed description of Jayadevpura, Mumbai, Texas, California and Austin

☑️ Beautiful blend of courage, love , ego, jealousy, confession and sacrifice

☑️ Two conflicting characters enfold very well

Drawbacks: ❎ Font should be made bigger alongwith a little re editing for the grammer is required.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✨/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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