Ashwatthama’s Redemption


Everyone knows about the great Mahabharata War/ Kurukshetra War in order to establish Dharma for the betterment of humanity, the Duryodhan’s army of hundred brothers along with the Narayani Sena fought the Pandavas and Krishna. In the episode we have come across Dronacharaya and his son Ashwatthama but little do we know about Ashwatthama or what happens to him after the war, when cursed by Lord Krishna for the former’s disgraceful act in the war. He has long forgotten the purpose of his existence.

In the book we see long after the war is over, lurks an ancient power which has the extreme potential to destroy and wipe out the New age of men and their empires. The new threat has created a havoc amidst humanity.

Dandak is the most cruel and extremely powerful Asura King just like Ravana of Lanka but he is much more deadly in comparison to the latter. When he resurfaces threateningly from the dead past Ashwatthama must help his friends from the royal families, acolytes and followers to retrieve the holy bow of Lord Rama,The Kodanda thereby stopping the resurrection of Dandak and stop him from wiping out human race. The story is set in Kaliyuga and speaking of royalities Vikram must take the help of the demigod to stop Dandak from wrecking havoc. In the journey they’re accompanied by the Prince of Avanti, Rana and face several challenges together with fatal obstacles. Will they be successful in their itinerary in stopping Dandak?

Thank you Gunjan Porwal for the review copy.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  1. Enthralling story line
  2. Every page is fortified with mystery and suspense.
  3. Nothing is predictable
  4. Plot is excellently crafted making the book unputdownable
  5. Narration is lucid and simple with precised focus on the plot
  6. The author should be appreciated for his captivating story line, impressive facts , keeping you glued to the pages.
  7. The reader may at one point just forget that it is a work of fiction and start relating to it like a real mythological tale.

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