Wake up Girl!

Happy new year guys!!! Wish u all have a beautiful year ahead. Here i am posting the first book review of this year – ” Wake Up Girl “, by Niharika Jindal.

Blurb – The story is about Naina, a 22 years old marwadi girl, who always puts her dreams aside for the sake of her parents. Be it her studies, be it her relationship, be it her breakup or be it her marriage. Being frustrated she went to Boston, US to live her life on her own.

Naina returned from US after 4 years, living a self independent life which her parents will never support. And as soon as she returned, she got the shock by hearing the news of her marriage. Afterall its indian society and getting married at the correct age is important, no matter what. Her parents want her to marry a guy with whom she couldn’t even connect herself.

So finally, she stood against her parents and went to London. And the story revolves around the fact will she be abke to get the love of her life?? Ayaan, Rohan, Akshay, Shiven… Who will it be?? I won’t say anymore.

Review- If you are an indian girl, its a guarantee that you will get to relate this story with your own life. The author marvelously upholded the picture of the upper middle class indian society, where this girl Naina has immense love and respect for her family, as well as wants to lead her life on her own.
The language is very simple and i liked the pace of the story. All the charecters are very well developed.
Overall a very good read.

Rating – 4 🌟
Please have a read guys!!

Thank you The Bookoholics for the review copy.

QOTD: Is it wise enough to listen to your heart than listening to your parents when the question is about your marriage?


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