Chronicles of Kali

Hey peeps!!! So here comes the second book review of this new year : Chronicles Of Kali – the secret book of asurs, by Prithvi Raj.

Blurb – The story is about an eighteen years old girl Kali, who lives in Los Angeles with her mother Patricia. She is blessed with some supernatural powers with which she can destroy all the evils existing in the society.

The story starts as – Pat, a traveller meets a little girl Kali who was found by sage Vyas near the river Ganga. Kali has the supernatural power to talk to plants and animals and she is on a mission to destroy the Asurs. She took help from Vyas for her mission and the story revolves around how she ended those Asurs – just like what goddess Kali did.

Review – The book is a perfect blend of indian mythology and fantasy world. It’s a modernized twist relating to the mythological goddess Kali and the author beautifully matched the modern Los Angeles city along with Benaras, the holy city of India.

Goddess Kali symbolise the destroyer of evils as well as the motherly love for her nature, who destroyes all the evils existing within the nature. Like that, in this story, the character Kali, blessed with her powers destroys the Asurs of our society.

The narration is plain and simple with a good pace of the story. The story is very much interesting that will force you to stick to it till it’s end.
Overall a very good read.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Recommended for all those readers who loves to read modern mythological books.

Thank you Vinfluencers for the review copy.


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