You begin where I end

QOTD : Does only a girl needs to know all the household works and follow all the social norms to get a complete and beautiful married life?

Blurb – The story is about a young indian girl Nafisa and her mother Tamanna belonging to middle class indian family. The story starts as Nafisa’s boyfriend cheated her for being too chubby. Nafisa could not bear this pain of her breakup and to forget this pain, she opens an account in an online dating app. There she get in touch with a guy named Amar. They used talk over there a lot and gradually Nafisa realised that Amar was falling for her. Simultaneously Nafisa met another guy Kiaan over Quora app where they used to exchange letters of each other’s heart. As a result, Nafisa gets confused about whom to accept as her partner.

On the another side, Nafisa discovers a diary of her mother Tamanna in the closet. The diary was pretty old and was written around the year 1991. At that time Tamanna was in her college days, studying commerce. Tamnna is a modern girl who used to think a lot advance than the time period she belongs to. She did not liked all those social norms and rituals that were common in indian society. Her parents did not gave importance to her education or life rather forced her to learn all the household works because according to them, at the end of the day Tamanna will be getting married and it is important to know all the household works. Tamanna’s parents fixed her marriage with Kailash but she was in love with her classmate Jai.

The story revolves around whom did Tamanna married? Did she ran away with Jai? And finally what did Nafisa do? Whom did she choose between Amar and Kiaan? I won’t expose any more.

Review – The story is basically about two love stories of two different time periods, questioning the social norms that are faced by an indian girl. The pace is good and the language is simple and lucid. The romantic essence will force you to stick to the story. The author did a marvelous job to uphold the situation of an indian girl through which she goes as she grows up. Overall a good read.

Rating – 3 🌟


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