The Quest of the Sparrows

Thank you Kartik for the review copy.

Blurb – The story is about Guru Pratibhan and an unhappy man residing in an ashram. The beautiful and carefree life of a sparrow deeply motivates Pratibhan in his life. According to him, it is unnecessary to make life so much complicated as men in today’s world doing. There is a lot more in one’s life other than money, material, property etc. To show this to his disciples, Pratibhan goes for a long 600km spiritual journey. Though at first he wasn’t that successful, but his confidence and faith in his principle earned him some followers.

The entire story revolves around whether Guru Pratibhan along with his followers will succeed at the end? Whether they will get their answers of their questions? Exposing more will break the suspense.

Review – The story is very much inspirational. There is a lot more than money wealth and other commodities to one’s life. People in today’s world is becoming very much materialistic and are complicating their life a lot. Guru Pratibhan in this story wants us and his followers to realise the actual essence of human life. Human being will become the most powerful creature one day on this planet if they can truely realise the ultimate goal of their life.

The language is very simple and lucid having a good pace. The characters are pretty much well developed. The author did a fabulous job in upholding the present day human life and make his readers realise their ultimate destiny. Overall a very good read.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Please have a read guys!!The word Sparrow and the concept literally ring in my years the Game of thrones season six. I would personally recommend this book to all my dear friends.


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