Earth to Centauri : Alien Hunt / धरती से सितारों तक अलीएं हंट

The book begins with the year 2118 when the first journey from Earth to space has been successful. Despite, the success there is an explosive catastrophic secret which is being carried by the probe Voyager 1 which will have extremely fatal and grave consequences. Captain Anara and her crew return to Earth and found that a civil war has ravaged the planet they had left behind. A cryptic message warns her of the dispatch of mercenaries to Earth and their reason of arrival is unknown but is sure to have a dire consequences. She and her crew have a couple of days to save their planet from the brink of unimaginable carnage due to some inter stellar celestial war. They along with The National Investigation Agency come together for the greatest undercover search for the celestial alien like mercenaries. Gradually during their search they come to face with a traitor and everyone suspects Anara. Anara must have to leave no stone un-turned to save all the innocent lives. Read the book to find out whether the mission is successful.

  • Great plot
  • Good characterization
  • Some parts were confusing
  • Beautiful development of the reptile like aliens
  • Could have been better than the first part
  • Interesting technological developments are made throughout the book
  • Sometimes the plot became loose enough to drag
  • Lucid narration
Eagerly waiting for book 3.


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