The New Dewtas

Blurb- The story goes like, Neer, the head priest of Himalayas was having a constant vision of an island, which was doomed and the people living there were in a great trouble, constantly getting drowned by severe floods. On Ganga maiya’s behest, Neer goes on a journey in search for that island and save those people living over there. On the way he met Prince Erlangga, with whom he shared the visions he was getting. The prince understood the entire thing and he took no time to identify that the doomed island was his kingdom Bali. Bali had being recently cursed by the evil power of Rangda. On the other side, the king of Java was also planning to attack Bali, to conquer the throne. The entire story goes around how Neer and the prince save his kingdom.

Will Neer’s visions be helpful for Bali? How come Neer, the priest of Himalaya was getting a constant vision about the distant island Bali? Is there any connection between Neer and Bali? I won’t tell any more.

Review- The story is mythological but with modern ideas. The language is plain and simple with a good pace. I really liked the cover page. It’s very attractive and perfectly suits with story. The characters are well developed.

The book is comprised of 28 chapters, each and every chapter having relevant sketches of the scene happening. One would easily visualise what is happening, like a movie. Overall, a very good read.

Rating – 4 🌟
I would recommend this to all my dear friends who love reading mythological stories.


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