Amma and I

Thank you Trishna Damodar for the review copy.❤️


The story is about a mother – daughter duo , Kripa and Maya, who make their way from a small town in Kerala to a big metropolitan city overcoming their anxieties and apprehensions. Surrounded by greenery, vast rubber plantations, streams and a palatial home their life seemed to be complete. Maya spends her time reading magazines and books alongwith listening to the radio in order to connect with the outside world. Kripa is the ideal daughter and mother who knows nothing apart from her family and strives hard to complete her duties towards them to the fullest. Despite this she has higher aspirations for her daughter. When a marriage proposal all the way from France came for Maya she plunged into the opportunity so that the latter can get a better life for herself. Maya has low self confidence and is pretty scared to meet the groom Ashok. There seems to be an overall lack of faith in marriage on her part. When they meet he charms her with his honesty, respect and admiralty. Just weeks before their engagement Maya comes to terms with her parents’marriage and what was lurking behind her mother’s smile for the past twenty years. Read to find out what happens next and how will the duo face the situation they’re now in. Will they succumb to the circumstances or will they rise again in their own way for a better future they were headed towards in the first place?


  • Lucid language
  • Charming 1970s setting
  • The love blooming between Ashok and Maya has been beautifully pictured
  • Good crisp plot
  • Brilliant characterisation
  • Didn’t understand Smita’s transformation
  • Display of emotions like courage mixed with the necessary fear was portrayed well
  • I loved the cover which speaks for itself
  • No abruptness

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thanks for the bookmark too❇️


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