Secret diary of an incurable romantic

Thank you Chitrangada Mukherjee for the review copy❤️

Blurb – The book is about a bengali widow Madhubala Ray, who currently lives in Chennai with her mother-in-law. Before her marriage, Madhubala used to live in Kolkata and eventually she shifted to Chennai for her husband’s job. But unfortunately, few months later her husband died due to a car accident. Now she lives all alone with her ignorant mother-in-law and works as a social science teacher in a school.

The story revolves around a diary which she started writing from the month of January, 2016. All the challenges that she experiences in her personal life, her life with her ignorant mother-in-law who doesn’t cares about anything, her childhood best friend who is interested in doing some different things, her loneliness, her grief, her desires to be felt loved, all her emotions and all her needs, everything is written within this diary.

Review – The language is very simple and lucid and the entire story is written in a form of a diary. One will definitely enjoy reading it and will complete the whole book in a single read. The characters are very well developed and the cover along with the title perfectly suits with the story.

The author did a marvelous job in describing the leading charecter, Madhubala’s emotion, grief and joy. I found the story line very interesting and the most important thing i liked about this book is many conversations are done in a letter format; it’s kinda new as well as interesting.
Had a very good read.

Rating – 4 🌟
Have a read guys!!


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