Once upon an IAS Exam

Thank you K. Vijayakarthikeyan for the review copy.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


The story starts revolves around a 25 year old mechanical engineer and IAS aspirant Vishwanathan aka Vishy. As the results of 2009 IAS exams (prelims) are out he looses all faith on himself knowing that he has failed to crack the mother of all examinations. With lack of motivation and struggling doubts about himself he calls up his best friend Rithika and talks to her about his insecurities and the hurdles he’s facing, eventually confessing his love for her. With his family’s support and love of his life the story talks about the varied ways in which he convinces her marry him and the bustling coaching hub of Chennai Anna Nagar, it’s for the readers to find out whether he survives the pressure and finely balances his life and career!


  1. The cover is pretty.
  2. Intricate details about the coaching centre is relatable and well described.
  3. The connection that was tried to establish between cricket and exam challenges could have been a little more proper and elaborate.
  4. Good narration with cinematographic effects spread here and there.
  5. The pressure and insecurities examinees go through is described marvellously.
  6. It can be finished in one go.
  7. I liked the spark of sarcasm in the protagonist’s character.
  8. No major twists.


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