When Broken Hearts Meet

Thank you Arushi Vats for the review copy❣️


  1. The cover is blue and beautiful with a couple walking towards the horizon through the beach. I was mesmerized by it to be very honest.
  2. It is an easy read and can be finished in one go.
  3. The character development was weak.
  4. Narration is a very strong point as it was lucid but impressive.
  5. There are almost negligible twists many of which are predictable.
  6. The author it seems has tried to keep things simple as simplicity works wonders but in this case that light didn’t strike me as at one point of time I started finding it shallow.
  7. Emotions play a chiras curo all over the book making it relatable especially to young college and high school students.
  8. Avanti’s diary plays a major role in instilling sensitivity in the plot.
  9. Avanti was a bit surreal considering people now a days.
  10. Few typos so making a good choice for who love romantic genre.
  11. Event jumping in the narration is profound.
  12. The quotations are strikingly nice.

A good one time read✔️

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

A relationship lasts long only when two individuals are supporting each other’s dream.


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