Thank you Kirandeep Singh and Nirvan Singh for the review copy.


The book is about a powerful guy named Nasteya. Nasteya belonged to the kingdom of Saarah. On the day when Nasteya was declared as the king of Saarah, he came to know that actually he didn’t belonged to Saarah. Being broken, he left his kingdom and goes away in search of his real identity. But when he comes back, he finds his kingdom to be completely destroyed by the demons, Devyas.

Nasteya then along with his friend Vasu goes on to find those evil powers who destroyed his kingdom. On the way he goes through a number of adventures and meets many people. Garuda, the giant eagle saved him from those evil powers and handed him a sword. Will Nasteya be able to kill those demons? Will Nasteya be able get back the past glory of his kingdom? Will Nasteya succeed in his mission? I won’t tell anymore.


The book is a mythological book narrated by Vasu, the childhood friend of the main protagonist, Nasteya.

The language is quite simple and lucid and the story has a good pace.
The characters are pretty well developed and the names are being chosen in such a way that it will perfectly suit with any mythological story.

The plot is very interesting and I really liked the sudden twists and turns of the story.
Overall, a very good read.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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