The Case of Black Magic Murders in Mumbai

Thank you Shilpa Jain for the review copy.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Blurb ( as behind the book)
A 17-year-old South Mumbai girl, Pari, is missing from her house. Tanvi Yadav, a senior CID inspector, is investigating the case. While investigating, Tanvi Yadav and her team comprising of sub-inspector Sushant Singh, constables Ravi Rane and Soma Singh, and trainee constable Makrand Rajput learn that Pari has been kidnapped by a tantric. Pari’s kidnapping is followed by a number of brutal serial murders of young girls. The entire city is baffled and terrorised. Why are these girls being murdered? Who is behind all this? Will Tanvi Yadav and her forensic expert ex-boyfriend Dr Abram Sheriif solve the mystery. Will they be able to get over their past and work together? Will Tanvi solve the case while fighting her own demons? Will she be able to nab the murderer and save more girls from being killed? What happens after she is convicted of a murder? The crisp and gripping narration of this suspense thriller begins in a South Mumbai bungalow and ends in an interesting court room drama.


  • Lucid language.
  • Predictable plot.
  • Cover could have been much better.
  • Title very unique and attractive.
  • Fast pace.
  • The protagonist’s characterisation is great.
  • Negligible grammatical mistakes.
  • Smooth flow with gripping storyline.

Book link

The case of black magic murders in Mumbai


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