Love you More than yesterday

Thank you Anurag Yadav for the review copy.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Blurb ( as behind the book)

“What happened when things and circumstances get swinged and how you react when you know the parents that nourished you isn’t real parents.So this story takes you to the journey of a experience his pageantrical life thathow he deal the situations” No one can love her like him.he just born to love her but there’s so much that he can’t see. A love story which has started since childhood between both of them with a shaped as trigonal with another desirous. Paridhi,Harsh,Ashwin. A story of journey where they started it all.a girl’s first day as professor. A boy who is just made his debut at film line and had fame. Another who is just focusing to raise up his business whatever he started. “It’s not easy thing when you can’t afford it. Its love it happens one’s in lifetime.its sharing thing not snatching. “A journey all about how much problems that they face. They does cos they believe each other.In the conspiratorial circumstances around them. “It’s all about how far will you go for love.” “Where an unchosen life has started to find its meaning.” Have they get married or get separated …Read what happens next.


  • Attractive title.
  • Cover needs to be bettered.
  • Smooth narration.
  • Great vocabulary.
  • Lucid language.
  • Great characterisation.
  • I liked Paridhi a lot.
  • Life and Love come up as beautiful topics.

Book link

Love You More Than Yesterday


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