The Unsolved case of an Indian woman


Meet Tandel, more precisely, Miss Tandel. A forty-year-old advocate, who fights corruption, solves crimes and stops women harassment. “You are gonna die soon.” She received a threatening note. “There is no evidence, madam. I guess you are overthinking.” The Police officer had said. “You are hallucinating. You may be Paranoid.” The doctor added. Everyone thinks she was mad!
She was not.
Or was she? To know the truth, read her story— “The Unsolved Case Of An Indian Woman”, and explore a riot of perspectives.


I loved the book’s cover. It was a perfect autumn read. Each character is well developed and unique but realistic enough to be relatable and believable. It was a very quick and fast-paced read. Concise enough to unravel the mystery and thrill perfectly. Desperation and trauma is a part of the book. I loved the narration and lucid language. Family is an important aspect but the one portrayed is far from perfect. The various timelines and stories come together impeccably. The setting is so ideal that I enjoyed it thoroughly and I could not predict anything. From chapter 13 I got engaged more and more. I finished it in a single sitting. It took me about three hours. Suicide is a trigger warning. Mental health is a huge part of the book without being overbearing but important enough to be a pillar. I highly recommend it. 

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