I love the cover so much, the moment I saw it, I wanted to pick it up. The language is rich and lucid at the same time. It was so much fun to read that I finished it within two sittings. The book is almost a hundred and fifty pages. It is a fast read. The journal writing style made it really refreshing. The flow is very smooth and evenly distributed. I highly recommend this for a change and especially if you are in a reading slump which I was when I decided to pick this one up. I am so darn glad I did, not only did I come out of the slump feeling rejuvenated but also thoroughly enjoyed the entire book, each moment of it. The emotional radar in the book is so amazing from love to friendship to hope, it was highly enjoyable. The illustrations were really well done. From the first story of Swimming with buffaloes I was hooked. I highly recommend this book.

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